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Mark Meadows had a Hard-on.

Which is in itself nothing to be ashamed of. Cassidy Hutchinson told of her shock when she appeared again and again in his office begging him to do something about the carnage, and he did nothing – nothing – except scroll obsessively on his phone. He barely met her eyes, she reports; he just sat on his office couch staring down and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Meadows was lost in a masturbatory, self-comforting trance. Events had truly spiraled out of control and there was – horrifyingly – nothing he could do, as mobs at the Capitol killed and threatened to kill people. Becoming hysterical at this point made sense – plenty of normal people become hysterical when their world suddenly implodes and there is nothing they can do about it – and this is the form his hysteria took. An all-but catatonic regression to masturbatory self-comforting. Hutchinson no doubt noticed his obsessive rubbing with his free hand, but chose not to mention it.

What was he watching on his phone? This.

Margaret Soltan, June 28, 2022 4:07PM
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