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Man, I’ve been calling Trump UBU for years, but I had NO IDEA…

… how perfectly the mad fucker fit the description. Read my TRUBU posts here, and listen to Cassidy Hutchinson’s description today of his physically assaulting his security chief, throwing his lunch against WH dining room walls, and pulling tablecloths in order to upend all the food and drink on WH tables. Trump is indeed the reincarnation of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu the King – a massive ball of vile, angry, idiot flesh deployed against the world when it frustrates his infantile, nihilistic desires. Listen to Hutchinson describe his rage when security officers kept AK-47-wielding madmen out of the January 6 rally enclosure: Let ’em in! Guns are okay! They’re not gonna use ’em against me!

Margaret Soltan, June 28, 2022 1:13PM
Posted in: Genius of the Carpathians

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2 Responses to “Man, I’ve been calling Trump UBU for years, but I had NO IDEA…”

  1. Matt McKeon Says:

    Jesus Christ. Throwing food and wrestling with his secret service detail. Hitler screaming in the bunker stuff.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Matt: Yes. The question remains why around 30-40% of Americans continue to support him. I’ve always thought it’s precisely his violence that turns most of them on. A lot of people dig violence.

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