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Brave Person Comments on Coward

A policeman brutally beaten by the insurrectionists shares his thoughts on Josh “He’s A Runner” Hawley.

Sing it:

He’s a runner
and he’ll run away
soon there’ll be no Josh
courage ain’t been born
that can make him stay
Hawley get away while you can

He’s a runner
and he’ll run away
with police escort
courage ain’t been born that
can make him stay
come his Proud Boys mob
come the coup
he’s a runner

There’ll come the runnin’
He’ll know he’s got to
don’t ask him not to or why
Oh why oh why did you
run off
and leave Oath Keepers cryin’
now they’re in jail
and you’re not

Margaret Soltan, July 22, 2022 8:16AM
Posted in: Genius of the Carpathians

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2 Responses to “Brave Person Comments on Coward”

  1. TAFKAU Says:

    Love it! And how about a little Del Shannon–

    As I run the halls I wonder
    What I have incited
    With my pumping fist

    And as I still run on I’m cursing
    Their bloated orange leader
    Whose butt I’ve always kissed

    (To the chorus)

    I was preening for the mob
    Hoping for a better job
    Wishing they would vote for me
    Get me out of Miss-our-i

    I wonder
    A wah wah wah I wonder
    Who–a who, who, who, who, who
    They’re gonna slay
    And I worry that it’s my day-ay-ay
    So I’m a runaway
    A sniveling, frightened runaway

    (Cue keyboard music)

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    LOL! “Bloated orange leader” is genius. “Missouri” could also be heard as “misery” (same idea). Love the whole thing.

    Bonnie Raitt (a longtime UD favorite) also does a good “Runaway.”

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