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“I’d literally just moved back here from Maryland, and they’re like, bam, you don’t have [abortion] rights anymore,” [North Carolina State student Emma] Morgan said. “It pulled the rug out from under us and got me and other out-of-state students wondering, should we transfer before it gets worse?”

Not to push the panic button, Emma, but yeah, you should transfer — before the zeeeeriously zany zygote zealots down there get their way and make it so people like you could GO. TO. JAIL.

Remember that NC hasn’t enacted every, er, conceivable restriction on/punishment for abortion yet, but it’s getting there fast.

You happen to come from a sane and humane state – good ol’ MD – and it’s got plenty of fine schools for you to attend without worrying about incarceration.

Margaret Soltan, August 28, 2022 12:35PM
Posted in: democracy

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