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The book that’s gonna crack this whole ‘stolen election’ thing WIDE OPEN is about to come out…

… as soon as the publisher tweaks this and that detail so the same legal team that’s doing a bang-up job for Dominion Voting doesn’t start sniffing around…

Actually a few copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s pre-tweaked 2,000 Ghouls did get to bookstores! Go here to enjoy NPR‘s close reading. Turns out the greatest scandal in the nation’s history was all about two thousand members of the American Communist Party who drilled down into a system of tunnels under Interstate 10 and established a bunker from which they sent out Soros-financed “ghouls” who snuck in, under cover of night, to ballot-storage centers in key states. Once they established entry, they keyed in the security codes (provided by Facebook), took out all the Trump votes and replaced them with Biden. The whole operation, once in the buildings, apparently took seconds.


PS: Let the Bozo Beware!

Just after the 2020 election, a major Republican donor named Fred Eshelman gave True the Vote $2.5 million to assist in efforts to investigate allegations of election fraud. Just weeks later, Eshelman sued True the Vote in federal court, and accused the group of failing to pursue legal action in time to affect the election, and failing to communicate about what it was doing with those millions. Eshelman demanded that True The Vote return the donation. True The Vote denied any wrongdoing and refused to return the money. Eshelman’s lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

Margaret Soltan, September 9, 2022 8:33AM
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