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‘[A NY] Times analysis of state test score data available for three grades at the [hasidic] school showed that while 122 students took reading and math exams in 2019, just one of them passed.’

And I trust he has been severely punished. Ultraorthodox schools can’t let this sort of thing – a student surreptitiously learning enough to pass a basic competency exam – go on: It will only encourage other students to learn things.


The details are good.

[L]etters written by the rabbi in charge of [one] school’s English department … displayed an apparent lack of fluency in English.

“Bus changes can only be made in the office of Transpiration,” the rabbi wrote in a 2019 letter. Elsewhere, he added: “Any misbehavior will be dealt with in a firm manor.”

That should be Perspiration, and manure.

Margaret Soltan, October 12, 2022 10:23PM
Posted in: forms of religious experience

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