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This story is SO Louisiana.

To understand why it’s officially the worst state in the nation, you have to drill down to the details. A routine event hits the national news because it involves (what else) football. The son of an NFL player does that thing. That all-American, but way Louisiana thing. Drives around (maybe drunk) on a Saturday night. Just a tadpole at 21 years of age, but out piloting a huge black Range Rover SUV late at night all by his iddy biddy self. Although he kills a pedestrian … hits and kills an entire adult human being…. he … doesn’t notice. Three days later when witnesses start coming forward his parents get him a lawyer.

I’m waiting to hear he was carrying mucho assault rifles in the car too. All in good time.

And yes, it’s quite likely he waited three days in order to get rid of whatever was in his system.

And the wayest Lousiana thing? Judge will let him off scot free cuz … you know… young, football, booze, gigantic SUVs — it’s not a crime. It’s a way of life.

Margaret Soltan, October 13, 2022 7:39AM
Posted in: sport

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