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‘[Judge] Davis questioned whether Fox News’s reporting was [as its lawyer claimed] neutral and dispassionate, pressing [her] about tweets from [Fox] host Lou Dobbs that contained the hashtags “MAGA” and “America First.”‘

UD is pleased to say that the Fox/Dominion defamation trial (taking place down the road from Les UDs, in Wilmington), has already provided courtroom merriment, as the hapless attorneys for Fox do their thing:

[Fox’s attorney also] said that Dobbs’ decision to promote a press conference where [fulminating madwoman Sidney] Powell made outlandish claims was akin to CSPAN placing video of the event on its website.

[This] prompted [the judge] to cut in and ask whether she was asking whether Dobbs, known as a very conservative host whose opinion bleeds into his show, was akin to CSPAN, which is staunchly neutral, prompting some laughter in the courtroom. 


Everyone incorporates in Delaware, for obvious reasons, and Les UDs sometimes entertain each other with speculation as to where people like Eisner and Ovitz stay when legal catastrophe forces them to spend time in unspeakable Wilmington.

The best hotel there is some historic whatnot charging reasonable rates, so that’s out.

We wondered about boutique hotels, and after concluding there aren’t really any, we settled on coptering up to NYC each night.

Margaret Soltan, March 22, 2023 9:52AM
Posted in: sentences that make UD laugh

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