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‘“A lot of times, it’s not that they’re there to threaten anybody, it’s not that they’re there to hurt anybody — it’s just, for whatever stupid reason, they had a gun in their backpack and they brought it to school,” [Superintendent Scott] Elder said.’

Yeah what the hell. On any given middle or high school day in Albuquerque, you figure there are maybe twenty guns in backpacks or in administrative offices or whatever, around the school system… Students and staff bring them onto campus for… whatever stupid reason! It’s certainly not our job to figure out why the children of New Mexico are menaced with death in the location that ought to be safest. What we can say is that the reasons are … whatever. Stupid.


Today’s butcher’s bill. And this one’s just like the one in Newport News – both involved shooters so well known as incredibly dangerous that both schools had elaborate security arrangements just for them. Today’s for instance had to be patted down every time he entered the building; and this time while being patted down he pulled out his gun and started shooting.



Why is a public school system putting itself and all its children directly in the line of fire? What twisted “retention” philosophy (beyond the cynical financial one) is in play here? You designate a bunch of untrained victims-to-be to surveil, pat down, and discipline determined killers, so that… ?

So that you get dead people, wounded people, and WHOPPING lawsuits.


Update: The shooter killed himself.

The shooting is the 83rd shooting on a K-12 school campus this calendar year.

Margaret Soltan, March 22, 2023 8:26AM
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