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‘The law references an intent either to harm the national security of the U.S. or benefit a foreign power. No one is suggesting that harm actually occurred or that Trump intended to cause such harm.’

Huh? UD‘s colleague Jonathan Turley (who, you recall, “wants one boy to have many girlies,”) says a funny thing.

Plenty of people, including Mike Pence, are now openly worrying that harm may indeed have occurred; and as to motive: Scads of responsible onlookers have no trouble wondering out loud whether an established anti-democrat with a striking fondness for dictators and a real bad sore spot over losing an election might be tempted to share valuable secrets.

And not to pile on, but: Trump’s mother was not only born in the Outer Hebrides but grew up speaking only Gaelic! A lot of people are saying that Trump himself is actually Scottish and holds no allegiance to the United States. Birth certificates can be faked, just the way the FBI planted hundreds of boxes of fake documents in Trump’s bathroom.

I’m not necessarily saying his not even holding American citizenship is true; it’s only that a lot of people are saying it is true but the deep state won’t look into it because of the power of the Scots lobby.

Even without influence peddling, there’s a lot of troubling evidence (“It’s great to be home”?) here.

Margaret Soltan, June 14, 2023 6:12AM
Posted in: ADA DOOM

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