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Science Alert reports the real story.

It’s right there in their headline:

18-Year-Old’s Science Reporting Leads Stanford President to Quit

It takes a child to point out to the world that the emperor has no standards.

Everyone else – especially at places like Stanford, which make scientific entrepreneurs like Stanford’s president billionaires – plays the games, the insider trading, irreproducible results, conflict of interest, ghost writing, pharmawhore games.

And everyone’s making so much money playing the games that no one’s going to make a peep.


So making noise about it takes some snot-nosed self-righteous little person at the student newspaper who thinks exposing corruption is more important than being able to stash billions away in your tax haven.


Margaret Soltan, July 22, 2023 10:51AM
Posted in: march of science

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2 Responses to “Science Alert reports the real story.”

  1. Dmitry Says:

    Little in name only. Your own links betray you. This is not the poor child looking up at the emperor but a young patrician looking at an older one.

    You may however enjoy this meddling kid medley.


  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dmitry: Privileged the kid is; but he’s still at 18 only a kid. He was ignored, ridiculed, etc., just like an irritating nobody. He had to be tenacious. Scrappy. This doesn’t describe a patrician.

    As for Stanford’s prez: He comes from humble roots, and has had to acquire his patrician airs through close observation.

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