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Assisted Living Presidents

Regardless of Mr. Hur’s motivation, the details that he presented spoke to worries voters already had. 

Duh. The dude’s showing his age, and you bet we’re worried.

UD has no problem, btw, with Hur having spilled the already-opened beans. In fact she’s proud of the fact that we’re the sort of democracy where non-loyalists get appointed to important positions. That’s a good thing, mes petites.

Of course she will vote for the shaky irritable old guy over “a corrupt and confused 77-year-old who’s facing trial on dozens of felony counts in four separate criminal cases and has recently been found liable for sexual abuse and defamation.” But, says today’s NYT editorial, “the combination of Mr. Biden’s age and his absence from the public stage has eroded the public’s confidence. He looks as if he is hiding, or worse, being hidden.”

I say do two things:

1.) Let the guy out. Let him misspeak and trip on steps and let him laugh about this and acknowledge that though he’s doing a very good job running the country (“In the most challenging moments of his presidency, in supporting our allies when they are threatened and in steering the U.S. economy away from recession, Mr. Biden has been a wise and steady presence.”) he’s old and sometimes it shows.

2.) Send him to the Naval Medical Center (couple of miles from Les UDs) and get him an honest, legitimate cognitive workup. My guess is that he’ll do okay. Not real well, but well enough. Time to stop hiding.

Margaret Soltan, February 11, 2024 12:25PM
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5 Responses to “Assisted Living Presidents”

  1. Dmitry Says:

    One party has to be perfect, the other can do what it likes? “sort of democracy” is quite right.

    Putin and Xi are just waiting until November.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Don’t understand your first comment.

    I don’t see Putin and Xi waiting for anything; they do what they do. So I guess I don’t understand your second comment either.

  3. Dmitry Says:

    The Democratic party holds itself to lofty standards. Anything short of that and the self-reflection is pounced upon by the Republican party (*) which apparently has no standards whatsoever. Biden’s presidency has overall accomplished a good deal. Not perfect but there is a relatively stable team of professionals that has some credibility outside the borders and that can make some domestic progress despite a frankly bizarre lower house. That does not sell. 8 years of lying does.

    Putin and Xi are looking forward to an ally-cum-puppet in the White House. The former regarding Ukraine (and now possibly more), the latter regarding Taiwan.

    (*) Or whatever it has devolved into under that banner.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Okay, thanks for the clarification. I don’t think Donald Trump will win under any circumstances, including the Dem. party having to replace Biden with a more robust candidate (Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama are among those mentioned). My faith in the democratic instincts of the majority of Americans remains strong. 8 years of lying sells with many but not, I believe, most Americans.

    I believe that the cosmic vileness of Trump will motivate voters to come out on election day in defense of sanity and decency if nothing else. Those voters will put whoever the Dems offer over the top.

  5. Dmitry Says:

    I believe the vote count favored Clinton in 2016 but the arcane electoral system handed Trump the victory nevertheless. I would expect that dirty work will be afoot in conservative states and even dirtier work afoot in those where it could be close.

    I know little about Gavin Newsom except that he is from California which, despite (or maybe because of) its global power, is hated by much of America. Mrs. Obama seems like a very nice person but I can’t believe she would stand a chance.

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