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‘Nearly four years ago, a petition sought the closure of Elleven45 Lounge which it deemed “irresponsibly owned” following claims of an increase in crime there. The petition started by a local resident noted five shootings associated with the club had occurred from September 2019 to August 2020, resulting in four deaths. In 2019, Atlanta police received nearly 100 emergency calls associated with the Elleven45 Lounge’s address, the AJC previously reported.’

Half dozen shot and two dead last Saturday! Keeping that kill count up, Elleven45!

Atlanta couldn’t be more proud: “Shut it down? Shut it down?” said the mayor. “Keep ’em coming! We want them to open two more locations. A lot of people in this state depend on our local gun industry. Buy more guns, Georgia, and keep these enterprises firing away!”


The Finns. SOOOO pathetic. GO USA

Margaret Soltan, May 14, 2024 5:26AM
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