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CEOs at Trump meeting:

Ex-president ‘meandering’ and

‘doesn’t know what he’s talking about’

Margaret Soltan, June 14, 2024 11:54PM
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5 Responses to “THIS JUST IN:”

  1. VanLH Says:

    In other words, it’s Saturday.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    VanLH: LOL

  3. Dmitry Says:

    Only “less predisposed” to him after the meeting? The last paragraph is telling. Biden has been effective in many areas despite the /merde/ slung at him. Who would be easier for these CEOs to control through the Millers, Bannons, and Stones?

    Your “Ubu” comparisons have sprung to life.


  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    LOL! But why? Why wear diapers?

  5. Dmitry Says:

    His adherents have accused Biden of incontinence and worse for years. Now that reality points at their man, they are trying to make virtue out of vice.

    Did you scroll down to the section labelled “The Smell”?

    CEOs are required to focus on shareholder value at all costs (or, the bottom line if you prefer). My thinking (as usual) is that these will fall in line much like Haley, McConnell, and Barr have surrendered. I think Romney will be next.

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