‘A number of national Republicans publicly expressed reservations about [Eric] Greitens’s candidacy, even before Monday’s [Kill RINOs] ad. Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Joni Ernst (R-IA) had even called for him to drop out given the family abuse allegations against him. The ad may have been an attempt to deflect some of that criticism.’

Well hell’s bells I’ve heard of “deflection” before, but not deflection that involves deflecting attention from your abuse of your family and toward your murder of political opponents. But whatever.

Greitens’ Final Campaign Ad Rivets and Horrifies the Nation

Declaring himself “humiliated” by the national and international disgust he has evoked by releasing an ad depicting him killing Republicans insufficiently supportive of Donald Trump, Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens has released a new, final ad.

Speaking directly to the camera and wearing ritual seppuku garb, Greitens announces that because he has inadvertently brought dishonor to Trump there is nothing left but for him to disembowel himself.

“To make absolutely sure that my sacrifice succeeds,” Greitens says in a steely voice, “I have also employed a henchman to decapitate me.”

The ad was immediately taken down by all social media outlets, but can be accessed on his website. (Click on the link titled A FAREWELL.)

Here it is.

Tragically, this may signal the end of political ads that show you shooting your opponents with AK-47s.

As of Wednesday morning, Mr. Greitens had mustered less than 19 percent of the vote, a distant third-place finish. Mud that rancid still sticks.

More on Greitens.

‘[T]he former governor has dropped to third place.’

A Missouri psychotic named Greitens

Has watched as his Senate race tightens

He beats up his son

He threatens with guns

And Republican voters are frightened

‘“You’re going to cause riots in the streets,” [Eric] Herschmann testified telling [John] Eastman, to which he said the attorney responded that there had been “violence in the history of our country to protect the democracy or protect the Republic.”’

For UD, this is the most important exchange, so far, reported to the January 6 committee.

From Lara Trump’s giggling dismissal of a reporter’s question, long ago, about violent chants at Trump rallies (People are just “having fun.”) to Eric Greitens’ RINO butchery (Like Lara Trump, he says the ad was all in fun.), violence – and now escalating violence – has run through Trumpworld. I think we owe a debt of gratitude to John Eastman for cutting out the all in fun bullshit and simply stating the obvious. Far from disavowing violence, Eastman here schools Herschmann on the excellent history of violence in America. Indeed you can sort of see Eastman shrug and then smile patiently at Herschmann as he explains, in the way of Robespierre explaining things to less bloodthirsty comrades, that you’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelette.

‘It’s harder for Trump-endorsed candidates to activate the GOP’s formidable donor network when a growing number of rank-and-file Republican voters think Donald Trump is a federal criminal.’

Quotation of the day.

Though this one ain’t bad either.

Without the intimidation factor so central to Trump’s hold on power, influential Trump critics such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) may seize the opportunity to deepen the break with the rapidly toxifying Trump. If that happens, Republicans will face an enraged, burn-it-all-down Trump in the run-up to the 2024 elections. That may be beleaguered Democrats’ best hope of returning Joe Biden to the White House.


There’s violence against others (setting a mob on your VP; spawning terrorists like RINO-butcher Eric Greitens), and there’s violence against oneself. I’m going to predict that toxifying Trump will attempt to pull off one final mass murder, with boy soldiers – who are, notoriously, the most unrestrainedly vicious of all – at the front lines. Specifically, Donald Trump Jr and Andrew Giuliani will co-captain a coordinated Proud Boys assault on Martha’s Vineyard. If that fails to decimate the elites, Trump will kill himself.

The American Press Starts Hunting NINOs.

Navy in Name Only. (I’m linking via Reddit, because the Kansas City Star is entirely paywalled.)

Big Daddy Mike forced the Navy to sorta take the RINO butcher back, but boy were they pissed to have to do it.

Background here.

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