“Call it weed, Mother. Or call it pot.”

Okay, weed. Pot. I don’t smoke it.

Nor do I light cigarettes.

Or farts.

Since I never cook, I do not light my oven.

I used to light candles, but now I’m afraid.

When it’s cold out and I’m in the mood, I light a fire in my hearth.


Far as UD can tell, from her admittedly limited ‘thesdan perspective, she and Mr UD are about the only people of any age anywhere in the region who do not sometimes take a hit. UD hasn’t gone out and interviewed people, but that’s kind of how it looks.

So she figures this guy is probably telling the truth when he says his step-father — a law professor at Suffolk University — smokes pot with him. This guy deals the drug, and he has brought to his anxious upscale neighborhood some of the gun play disagreements among dealers can sometimes prompt. So he’s in court, and he has been talking about his family life. Of course, he could be lying. But his account has the homely feel of the truth.

Jonathon Cook, 20, said his stepfather, Suffolk University law professor Timothy Wilton, helped him build a place to grow marijuana in exchange for some of the profits and also smoked it in the house, according to a police report.

He said that his mother, Kathy Jo Cook — the former president of the Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts — also knew about the drug activity and frequently complained that her husband’s smoking left the house smelling like marijuana, authorities said. … Authorities said they found a small smoking pipe in a dresser drawer in the parents’ bedroom, a scale and several baggies in the bedroom and another pipe in a closet in an office only they use… After his arrest, Cook told police his parents knew that he was selling drugs out of their home, and that his stepfather built a “grow closet” for marijuana plants. They agreed to split the proceeds of sales from the plants, Cook said.

Cook also said his stepfather bought marijuana from him, occasionally stole it from him and “constantly smoked marijuana,” according to the police report.

“He said that Mr. Wilton walks around the house smoking marijuana and his mother gets upset at him because the house smells like marijuana,” police wrote in the report…

If it’s true, it’s no one’s business. On the other hand, you shouldn’t tell lies.

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4 Responses to “La Kid tells me nobody calls it “dope” anymore.”

  1. Erin O'Connor Says:

    "Far as UD can tell, from her admittedly limited ‘thesdan perspective, she and Mr UD are about the only people of any age anywhere in the region who do not sometimes take a hit."

    Funny. I thought *I* was the only one who had never inhaled. This does not prevent me from thinking marijuana should be legalized, however….

  2. jeff Says:

    Well, at least you didn’t call it "grass." That is a sure sign you have been out of the loop since the 50s.

    You just don’t know what you are missing. It certainly dulls the mind (so for either of you that is a problem) but even once a year, INDULGE.

    Hard to believe, UD, that in all the years in the house up in the hills of NY you never did it. Almost TOOOOooooo hard to believe.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    It’s sad, jeff, but it’s absolutely true. Even up in the hills. If I even dropped a HINT that it might be fun, Mr UD would break out in hives.

  4. Cassandra Says:

    One would think UD wouldn’t envy the not-so-cool-even-if-they-think-otherwise kids.

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