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Isn’t bald-faced theft enough to trigger dismissal? And the guy’s an assistant professor! In every case UD‘s covered of a physics or engineering professor creating a fake company to steal university/state/federal funds (she’s covered tons of them), the thief is like in his sixties. This guy has his scheme up and running in his twenties!

… Yi in the summer of 2011 pushed the purchase of a high performance illumination simulation tool that he said he needed for renewable energy research at CSI.

That fall, he submitted a memo to the City University of New York and the state Dormitory Authority stating that only one company, 3G Institute of Renewable Energy Inc., could supply the software.

But the Joint Commission on Public Ethics said Yi failed to mention that he was president of 3G…

The guy just has to pay a fine?

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4 Responses to “Why hasn’t this guy been fired?”

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    Learned behavior in my corrupt part of Ohio. You enter into a position or office. The good ol’ boys teach you how to be a self-dealing play-uh. You’ve arrived, right? Unless you’re a real insider–don’t con yourself–you’ll be–how do you say this nicely?–vulnerable. When the public clamors for a housecleaning, you’ll be “it”.

    I’m convinced I once escaped indictment by refusing a job offered by people my gut told me were scuzzbags. The guy who took the job was indicted with others a few years later for fraud.

  2. DM Says:

    I find this $45000 business small fish compared to what football coaches make.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    DM: Well, it was just his first transaction.

  4. Jack/OH Says:

    DM, not just money. When self-dealing is accepted in an organization’s inner circle, it’s also about your willingness to play ball, to claim privilege, to distinguish your insider status from your onetime outsider status. (Doesn’t apply in the case of a lone wolf.)

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