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“[A]t least five other UIC nursing dissertations [had] higher plagiarism index scores than hers, and at least 30 other UIC dissertations [had] high or problematic plagiarism scores.”

The sport of competitive plagiarizing is upon us, in which people accused of plagiarism use the same software their accusers used, in order to demonstrate that everybody plagiarizes. In fact, some people plagiarize more than the accused do, so why are the accused being singled out?

How many of these objects of plagiarism claims, though, can lay claim to the title of provost? Your chief academic officer may herself be a plagiarist?

This must be Chicago State University, corrupt dropout factory extraordinaire. (Background here.)

So the provost is suing the school that passed and is now investigating her degree (privacy issues), which for CSU means another embarrassing high-profile lawsuit to go with the free speech one FIRE just filed against the school, and the just-concluded one in which a judge made CSU pay a whopping three million dollars to a campus whistle blower against whom the institution retaliated.

I’m sure the taxpayers of Illinois, who pay for this school (I don’t think it has any students anymore… maybe a few…?), take comfort in the fact that the money they’re paying for the provost’s salary is going to someone who apparently plagiarized less than some of her classmates.

Margaret Soltan, July 22, 2014 2:43PM
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7 Responses to ““[A]t least five other UIC nursing dissertations [had] higher plagiarism index scores than hers, and at least 30 other UIC dissertations [had] high or problematic plagiarism scores.””

  1. Polish Peter Says:

    CSU might have its problems, but they do have a very good photographer taking the portraits of its senior staff, including the police chief.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Polish Peter: Yes! They certainly know where to put their resources.

  3. Jack/OH Says:

    Whew! Looks like a place run by MAD, mutually assured destruction. The more you’re an insider, the more you wish you were an outsider. The guaranteed blackmail-ability of colleagues and subordinates is standard-issue patronage politics here where I live.

    Peter and UD are absolutely right. That’s superbly done photography, layout, and I-love-me captioning.

  4. Polish Peter Says:

    Indeed, Jack. Narcissistic self-celebration is a strong correlate of organizational dysfunction.

  5. Jack/OH Says:

    Polish Peter, you’re right. Is there anyone who doesn’t notice CSU’s chief of campus police and the director of facilities and physical plant are the same man?

  6. Polish Peter Says:

    And he’s the former police commissioner of Cambridge, Mass.!

  7. Jack/OH Says:

    Polish Peter, plus he’s collecting one, maybe two, pensions, and now he’s a top cop who’s been given operations’ responsibility over a department where the initial investigating authority in the event of misconduct may be . . . himself. (I don’t know if CSU’s police are sworn, armed LEOs with powers of arrest, investigation, etc.)

    But, UD relentlessly points out that the folks who’re “working” higher ed have a pretty low coefficient of shame.

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