Laura Kipnis (see poem) is “cleared” of “wrongdoing.”

Oh thank you, thank you, Northwestern attorneys, for exonerating Kipnis from having written something that offended someone.

Good news for your struggling profession, no? Now that we know how easy it is for American professors to get hauled up on charges, all you have to do is advertise in campus newspapers. Have you ever been offended by one of your professors? Contact us NOW.

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4 Responses to ““Northwestern University is spending thousands of dollars to hire attorneys to investigate a professor for the content of an essay and subsequent tweets because some members of the university community were offended.””

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    This was a “contract hit”, right? Somebody was out to “get” Ms. Kipnis? Am I sort of guessing okay?

    Don’t know much about this except for the UD mention, but wouldn’t a well-argued rebuttal be the right way of handling thoughts you think are misguided? These quasi-juridical charges seem to me very bad mojo at a university.

  2. charlie Says:

    @Jack/OH, same thing happened to my alma mater, University of San Francisco, when I was a stumbling undergrad back in the 80’s. USF is Jesuit, and some classes debated the merits of Liberation Theology. Upset more than a few, including a handful of students, and the Vatican, which deemed that a catholic uni isn’t the place to debate dogma. USF response? Pound sand, the school is autonomous, we have growing numbers of foreign, non catholic students, who could care less what the Vatican thinks. If you don’t like to have your thinking challenged, plenty of other catholic unis which would love to have yass. Blew over relatively quickly….

  3. AYY Says:

    Actually it’s not over yet. Your thanks might be premature. The “victims” can appeal, and then complain to the Dept. of Education.
    The real question is whether Northwestern had much of a choice other than to investigate, in the light of the Obama administration’s interpretation of Title IX.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    AYY: It’s interesting to read what a professor who also got swept up in this says:

    “I don’t blame any students who brought charges against me,” Eisenman told The Huffington Post on Monday. “They’re just students, they’re learning, they’re smart, they’re trying things out, they make mistakes.” He continued: “I do hold responsible the administrators overseeing Title IX. It was well within their prerogative to examine the charge and to determine it was without merit.”

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