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We’ve been tracking disappearing attendance at university football games for years, and as stadia truly empty out, we’ll be interested to see which school pioneers live sex acts on a raised platform above the play in order to keep eyes focused more or less on the area of the field. “The experiential experience that a fan receives — positively or negatively — will affect a repeat customer,” says a University of Texas Vice President in an article noting that even Texas schools are lucky to fill half their seats for the first half of a game.

Kennesaw State’s football program is practically brand-new, so you can imagine the excitement it’s generated. Its 10,000-capacity stadium draws 2,000 or so on a good day, and coach is pissed. “There are 35,000 students here, and you tell me we can’t get 2,000 to come to a football game?”

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6 Responses to “Experiencing the Experiential Experientiality of University Football Games”

  1. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    If it is “experiential experience” that matters, shouldn’t the fans be on the field? Or the sex acts be in the bleachers?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    gasstation…: I guess I’ve been assuming, what with all the booze and boredom, that the sex acts are already in the bleachers.

  3. JND Says:

    Fifth Third Bank Stadium?

    Sounds like the nice folk at Kennesaw State have already sold their souls.

    Soul searching at schools here in Texas?

    Let’s start with overpriced tickets, followed by overpriced, virtually inaccessible parking, followed by overpriced concessions. Let’s mix that with being tortured by security thugs at the gate and by insufficient restroom facilities inside. Then we look up into the luxury boxes where our elitist betters are watching the game from the best seats in the house — all of which are inaccessible to us peons. Add in annoying commercials on the annoying godzillatrons at volumes that are louder than jet flyovers. Games are played to satisfy the television gods, not the fans in the stadium. I wonder why the fans watch the games on television instead of from the stands?

    Are the elites who run university athletic programs really so stupid that they can’t figure this out? Maybe if we pay them more they will? Maybe if we pay a few million more to the coach we just fired, everything will be fine?

    I’m feeling it! Shout Halleluiah!

  4. dmf Says:

    are there non-experiential experiences?

  5. charlie Says:

    JND, keep in mind students, in many cases, have to pay for their tickets. It’s not enough that they’re going into debt for tens of thousands of dollars. The debt load for the athletic buildouts demand that students pay extra to attend games, despite increasing tuition. The millionaire coaches, boosters and admis are analogous to English landlords demanding higher rents from their Irish tenants….

  6. theprofessor Says:

    Obviously the VP of Experiential Experiences has drunk deeply of the Kool Aidministratium and is headed for big things.

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