The author of “Integralism in Three Sentences” is a man who, according to the integralists I spoke with, has done more than anyone to revive both the term and the philosophy: Pater Edmund Waldstein, a 35-year-old Cistercian monk who lives in Heiligenkreuz Abbey, a twelfth-century monastery a few miles south of Vienna. The son of two theologians, one American and one Austrian, Pater Edmund was raised in an intellectual Catholic household and educated at California’s Thomas Aquinas College. By any conventional standard, his views are extreme: in addition to rejecting the separation of church and state, he is a monarchist who argues that the Church has the right to punish baptized heretics (Protestants), including by burning them at the stake. Yet he’s gracious and warm …

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5 Responses to “Sentences that Make UD Laugh”

  1. MattF Says:

    Have they revived Joseph de Maistre yet?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    L’Ecole de Maistre

  3. Bruce Foster Says:

    Thanks for the link to Waldstein. I keep up with Protestant and secular nut cases but the “beyond the fringe” Catholics are not usually on my radar. This man is crazy on so many levels. Having read some of his material, he lives in a fantasy world. The Roman Catholic Church taking over Europe? I don’t think so. Also he has the most romanticized vision of the past I have seen in a long time. However, what is really interesting is the way that others take him seriously. I have noted that in any intellectual cult ( Maoism, Ivy League English Departments, Lutheran Seminaries) the measure of their purity is the way in which they accept people into their group even if they advocate positions that none of the other members would ever publicly support. It shows what they are thinking inside. Scary.

  4. UD Says:

    Bruce: You’re very welcome.

    Scary; or funny. I have to say that reading A. Vermeule just made me sick, but reading Waldstein cured me. This beyond the fringe variant turns out to be Dungeons and Dragons Meets Lord of the Flies.

    “Should we… BURN THEM AT THE STAKE?”



    “Let’s take a vote.”


    Think “Comfy Chair.”

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    […] the Jesuits running the school are weenies. A firm hand is needed, and UD recommends Pater Edmund Waldstein, a leader of the Adrian Vermeulen-sponsored Cathophate-to-Come, who would not hesitate to burn […]

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