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My Only Objection to Hawley and Cruz being placed on the No Fly List is…

.. the obvious one, which is that if we don’t let them fly they won’t be able to leave. Give each man one free one-way ticket to anywhere outside the US willing to take him. THEN impose the flying ban.


As to where they should go: Hawley’s a no-brainer: Heiligenkreuz Abbey, a twelfth-century monastery near Vienna, and home to

Pater Edmund Waldstein, a 35-year-old Cistercian monk… By any conventional standard, his views are extreme: in addition to rejecting the separation of church and state, he is a monarchist who argues that the Church has the right to punish baptized heretics (Protestants), including by burning them at the stake.

Burning individual heretics at the stake can’t hold a candle, as it were, to violently bringing down the most powerful democracy in the world; but it’ll be a way for Josh to cool his heels while hatching the next assault on the Capitol.

Cruz? The Northern Lights look spectacular from Murmansk.

Yes. Murmansk.

Margaret Soltan, January 12, 2021 2:48PM
Posted in: We'll get through this.

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2 Responses to “My Only Objection to Hawley and Cruz being placed on the No Fly List is…”

  1. Greg Says:

    He might be pampered in Murmansk.

    Havana has the advantages of annoyance, maybe peril, and, above all, irony.

    Or, perhaps, perpetually at sea, the Flying Dutchman Cruz.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Greg: LOL. I have in fact been referring to Ff as the Flying Dutchman in conversations with Mr UD.

    You’re right that Murmansk might be too much fun. I watched a documentary about it years ago and have never forgotten the hilarious things the natives have evolved to make life there not merely bearable but sometimes even fun. Much of it revolved around sauna culture.

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