Catholic universities can sometimes be a bit… off the grid when it comes to the hiring process.

Or perhaps UD should call it the highering process, for Houston’s University of St Thomas was so excited by Mario Enzler’s heavenly contacts (it’s who you know) and the effects of their, uh, secondhand-sainthood-smoke?, that the school hired him as their b-school dean even though he had zero credentials in that particular field!

Not to worry! He had heart! For that betimes he had encountered not merely Mother Teresa, but Pope John Paul II! He would bring a warm “climate of values” to the chilly b-school world.

Some faculty complained from the start (they took him on in 2020) that his hiring process was rushed, that he was forced on them, that he seemed a bit bogus… But with God on their side, the … uh … higher administration said fie to the devil with you you know not what you do etc. etc.

But now. Gevalt. He has hastily resigned. Faculty are calling him a charlatan, a cheat, and a con-artist.

These are not high things. Rather, they are low.

Turns out all this time, instead of relying on things like peering into his heart plus his having friends in high places, faculty have been trying unsuccessfully to verify his resume’s putrid, prolific, and very pious bullshit.

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2 Responses to “‘[Mario] Enzler’s heart, having been shaped from personally knowing two saints, adds a high-value dimension to the Cameron School of Business.’”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    Awesome summation – thanks for hitting the nail on the head!

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    You’re very welcome.

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