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UD is far too high-born to know squat…

… about squat — Carolina Squat, that is — but she seems to have covered the story on her blog back in Sept 2021, so let’s keep going.

South Carolina is banning the “Carolina Squat,” which is when people raise the front of their trucks and SUVs several inches higher than the rear end. The ban comes after legislation was introduced months ago, but drivers will now receive warnings through the next 180 days. After that time, South Carolina police will be issuing fines and suspending driver’s licenses.

North Carolina done already done it; now the Low Country (famous for the Murdaugh clan) will also have to go lower.

UD is quite taken by Jalopnik’s defense of La Squat:

[M]any people seem to hate the Carolina Squat solely because of the way it looks. Check out all the bigoted comments on the Change.org petition that aims to outlaw the vehicle modification… I think it’s safe to say that few folks see a jacked up car and say: “I’m really concerned that that driver may not be able to see over the hood.” No, the criticism is usually one of simple disgust, and while I can’t assert with confidence that socioeconomic prejudices are at play with the general sentiments towards Carolina Squat trucks, I will say that anytime we notice scores of people hating something immediately upon learning about it or seeing it, we should all take a step back and try to improve our understanding… I’m just always a bit concerned when I see vitriol directed towards any misunderstood car subculture…

Margaret Soltan, November 14, 2023 1:47PM
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