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Lady Macbeth Hits the Skids

Donna Adelson made a statement [to her son’s girlfriend] that she felt Dan Markel was haunting her from the grave.


The Florida Adelsons are giving the South Carolina Murdaughs a run for their money: Bloody Donna has just been nabbed ‘at the Miami-Dade International Airport after purchasing tickets to Vietnam.’


Okay so UD saw this story last night on YouTube and said NAH this is one of those bogus things that show up… But it’s true! They arrested the author of texts and emails that would make the mad queen of Scotland blush, baby.


UD notes the choice of Vietnam, which, while it has no extradition treaty with us, is known for cooperating if we ask nicely. UD would have gone with Indonesia, which is also reassuringly far away and which isn’t very cooperative and which (most importantly), like Vietnam, boasts excellent local cuisine and spectacular coastlines.


The full warrant. I guess dad goes to jail for accessory to first degree murder… Which leaves only Wendi still at home with the kids… Wendi, who drove by her annoying ex-husband’s murder site pretty much as the event happened (weird, huh?), then immediately swept up the kids, changed their last name from the corpse’s to hers, and set out on her blessedly Dan Markel-free life…

But whaddaya gonna do? Who else would have a motive to assassinate blameless Dan Markel but his ex-family? And hey how bout those traffic cams which can pick up exactly the make and model of Prius that Markel’s neighbor saw pulling out of his driveway with two guys in it who shattered Markel’s driver’s side window and shot his head off? What in God’s name are you going to do?


And wow do you think they’ll get nutty scuzzy Charlie (currently rotting in jail for eternity) to testify against his own mother? Will he flip on his sister?

Margaret Soltan, November 14, 2023 2:09PM
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2 Responses to “Lady Macbeth Hits the Skids”

  1. Greg of Yore Says:

    I’m fascinated by the family psychology at least of Donna and maybe -jury’s formally out – Wendi. Did at least the former rationalize this as an act of love toward the two children? Or did they consciously just want “the goods?” Human beings, being what they generally are, it must have been the former in some incomprehensibly twisted form. Meanwhile, it seems the kids may well have to be deprogrammed. It’s painful to imagine how long that would take and what it would be like, step by step, for the kids and DM’s parents. Reality completely flipped for the kids. Though they may have had a vague, disquieting sense of something horrible. By the way, is there any good rijsttafel in D.C. or the Maryland suburbs. If not, then it’s next time in Amsterdan – I have falling-off-the-world fears driving into Northern Virginia. Almost not to mention the surprise that suvs can get even bigger, drivers worse. Anyway hope there’s no extradition in your future.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Rijsttafel? I’ll ask my daughter, a fancy DC event planner.

    Donna I think is a psychopath (like her son). Her feelings have nothing to do with love. Rage, emotional greed, revenge, insistence on total control of her world — datz it. For details of the personality type, see today’s celebrity murderer, Kaitlin Armstrong.

    There are no good outcomes for the kids, who have been raised in a crime family that killed their father and would make the Gotti’s shudder. Eventually the boys will also lose their mother, who looks likely to have had a hand in their father’s slaughter. The most just outcome for Danny would be for them to be in the custody of their long suffering Toronto family.

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