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The only thing missing was the gun massacre.

UD‘s hopeless, hapless, Montgomery County could do nothing the other night as one of Potomac’s vast empty mcmansions hosted a pay as you go ‘Wet Dreams’ party for over a thousand. “Where are the whores?” nearby home owners report guests shouting on entry. “I think it was a sex party,” said the neighborhood’s state delegate.

Capitalism being what it is, an owner is free to furnish her house, leave, and rent the thing out as a big ol’ brothel (or is the brothel thing legal?); and there’s nothing like Potomac, full of massive empty or semi-empty mcmansions, for this purpose.

[One] couple called county police, but were not satisfied with the response. They said the one officer who responded was helpful and listened to their concerns, but said he wasn’t able to do much.

“The police should’ve shut this thing down,” [the neighbor] said. “We’re really darn lucky an incident didn’t happen.”

Huh yeah an incident and you better believe the Moco police did nothing about it out of sheer terror. Airbnb mass shootings and the like happen a lot; there’s a HUGE number of guns at these parties. Only an idiot would walk in on five hundred heavily armed post-coital drunks and druggies lolling about a pool.


UPDATE: Gets prettier and prettier. “Multiple neighbors told FOX 5, the owner of the home told them there would be a party on May 25. It wouldn’t be the only one. In order to offset “inordinate” personal legal costs, the homeowner said she planned to host both large-scale events and family gatherings.”

The idiot is now looking forward to much more serious legal costs.


UPDATE: Are we surprised it’s becoming a bigger story? Let’s see: Sex, wealth, Potomac, drugs, drink, a rancid owner, sordid Airbnb (one point subtracted, however, for no gunplay)… UD might have glombed onto “Wet Dreams” early, cuz this is close to where she lives, and she spent years visiting her aunt and uncle in their own vast lifeless Potomac mcmansion, but it was always going to break free from obscurity because of its unbeatable plot elements. And wait until some of the partiers begin to talk!

Margaret Soltan, June 3, 2024 7:51AM
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4 Responses to “The only thing missing was the gun massacre.”

  1. Dmitry Says:

    Historic cities across Europe have been hollowed out for tourism. Chunks of Asia are havens for western sex tourists and “work from anywhere” tax evaders. I doubt you will garner any sympathy for your neighborhood.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    No sympathy, no. Doesn’t deserve any. But mass shootings – not a Euro thing – should be anticipated, thought about, and even maybe avoided.

    Europe is striking back a bit on tourism, as I assume you know. Venice, Dubrovnik – they’re establishing limits.

  3. Dmitry Says:

    Forbidding events because of the mere probability of gunfire in a posh area doesn’t sound like it will fly in the modern US, land of the free and all that.

    I would think the big concern of violence is deaths of innocent bystanders in crowded streets. The mansion in the link provided is spacious and isolated. Any carnage would be well contained to those who understand and accept the risk.

    Europe:Too little too late for Venice, Florence, and others. Those that left to be landlords to tourists won’t come back to create a true local culture. I don’t know about Dubrovnik.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dmitry: Officials have already come down hard on the owner, who has agreed to cancel another fun event she had scheduled later this month.

    Gunfire has a way of spewing about as angry shooters chase one another etc. I wouldn’t feel too safe if I lived nearby.

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