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An emeritus professor of geography brings us up to the present in a letter to the editor of the Daily Egyptian:

Things at SIUC have come to a sorry pass, with multiple changes in top leadership over just a few years, plagiarism charges being bandied about and now, with SIUC proceeding full speed ahead with the “Saluki Way” super athletic facility on the south end of campus while the Carbondale City Council pledges $1 million each year for 20 years without a referendum to gauge public opinion. And almost half of Saluki Way will be paid for by SIUC students, whether they are “fans” or not…

Sure, the quotation marks around fans are weird. Otherwise, this summary of things at America’s most benighted university is terrific, with appropriate emphasis on the crowning idiocy of Saluki Way (which also doesn’t need quotation marks).

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4 Responses to “Update, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale”

  1. meteechart Says:

    I’m beginning to suspect university degrees are somewhat like real estate.

    When the neighborhood you live in goes downhill, your house loses value through no fault of your own.

    That leads me to wonder whether or not SIUC alumni should be seeking compensation for the way in which the school is devaluing our resumes.

    Federal intervention?

  2. david Says:

    Saulki way? I thought a saluki was some kinda weird ass dog. This is some pricey dog park.

  3. Laraine Says:

    Here’s more jolly news about Southern Illinois University Carbondale. After a $50 million or so renovation of the library building, there is now not enough money ($1.5 million needed) to move the BOOKS back. Yes, our cherished tradition of open stacks is over. Main book collection is now housed off-campus, but the library DOES now boast a coffee bar and we ARE on our way to a new FOOTBALL stadium that students (through much higher fees) and phantom donors (where, oh, where can you be?) are on the hook for. Best guess, of course, is that the real costs will continue to come from internal operating funds that will continue to sap and bleed whatever life is left out of this once-fairly-strong-and-proud university.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Laraine: Thank you for that update on SIUC. Amazing.

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