Update, Dan Markel Murder

Interviews with inmates who spent time with Sigfredo Garcia in the Leon County Jail may corroborate what one of his co-defendants and investigators have said all along about the death of [Florida State University law professor] Dan Markel — that Garcia was allegedly recruited by the law professor’s in-laws in a murder for hire plot.

As the likely truth of what happened emerges more and more clearly, one is shocked again at the insanity and viciousness of the crime. Massacred for wanting to share custody of your children.

Lady Macbeth Hits the Skids

Donna Adelson made a statement [to her son’s girlfriend] that she felt Dan Markel was haunting her from the grave.


The Florida Adelsons are giving the South Carolina Murdaughs a run for their money: Bloody Donna has just been nabbed ‘at the Miami-Dade International Airport after purchasing tickets to Vietnam.’


Okay so UD saw this story last night on YouTube and said NAH this is one of those bogus things that show up… But it’s true! They arrested the author of texts and emails that would make the mad queen of Scotland blush, baby.


UD notes the choice of Vietnam, which, while it has no extradition treaty with us, is known for cooperating if we ask nicely. UD would have gone with Indonesia, which is also reassuringly far away and which isn’t very cooperative and which (most importantly), like Vietnam, boasts excellent local cuisine and spectacular coastlines.


The full warrant. I guess dad goes to jail for accessory to first degree murder… Which leaves only Wendi still at home with the kids… Wendi, who drove by her annoying ex-husband’s murder site pretty much as the event happened (weird, huh?), then immediately swept up the kids, changed their last name from the corpse’s to hers, and set out on her blessedly Dan Markel-free life…

But whaddaya gonna do? Who else would have a motive to assassinate blameless Dan Markel but his ex-family? And hey how bout those traffic cams which can pick up exactly the make and model of Prius that Markel’s neighbor saw pulling out of his driveway with two guys in it who shattered Markel’s driver’s side window and shot his head off? What in God’s name are you going to do?


And wow do you think they’ll get nutty scuzzy Charlie (currently rotting in jail for eternity) to testify against his own mother? Will he flip on his sister?

It took almost TEN YEARS to nail Charlie Adelson…

… the absurdly obvious murderer of FSU law professor Dan Markel. That’s an awfully long time.

Markel, you recall, had to die for the sin of wanting to share custody of his children with his ex-wife. Had to bleed out, alone, in his car, from two gunshot wounds to the head.

While his body was still warm, his ex-wife – sister of his murderer – whisked the kids away to another part of Florida and instantly dropped their Markel last name and changed it to her name. I mean, didn’t miss a beat.

And was she – not to mention her mother – also involved in the murder? The prosecutor’s closing statement points in that direction. So maybe the opera ain’t over.

Anyway. UD would love to know WHY Adelson got a decade of freedom before his life sentence. Did it really take that long to establish a case against an absurdly obvious murderer?


Um, and if the rest of the family was in on the murder, don’t you think child protective services should pay the Adelsons a visit? Markel’s parents and sister live in Toronto, and seem to UD a rather better custody choice than a pack of… well, we’ll see.

Two updates of university stories we’ve followed on this blog:

1.) The murderers of Florida State law professor Dan Markel have slowly, slowly, gone to jail. True, the hired thugs who shot his brains out while he sat in his car in his driveway were put away long ago; but the woman who brought the thugs and the criminal mastermind together was convicted of first degree murder only last year. The mastermind – Markel’s ex-brother in law, who was pissed Markel wanted equal custody of Markel’s kids after he and this guy’s sister divorced – goes on trial in October. Insanely, it has been nine years since Markel was killed. His parents and sister have suffered through those years, waiting for the worst of the conspirators to face justice. Finally, it seems, the worst of them will.

2.) The absurdly corrupt University of Southern California (put its name in my search engine and go to town) conspired with an absurdly corrupt LA politician to make money for the school in exchange for favors for the politician (details here). Mark Ridley-Thomas will go to prison for three and a half years.

It took eight years for us to finally get a mug shot of Charlie Adelson…

and now, only a few months later, we get a guilty verdict and a life sentence for his girlfriend, who Adelson apparently paid to put together the conspiracy to murder Florida State University law professor Dan Markel.

Markel had to die because he sought shared custody of his children by Adelson’s sister, and this annoyed Adelson. He allegedly had two thug friends of his girlfriend blast his head off.

Ja, ja, wheels of justice… UD only hopes they nail Adelson (and his mother?) before Markel’s elderly parents die.

Murdered law professor’s probable killer finally charged.

For eight years, police have been trying to prove that Charles Adelson had Dan Markel killed. Anyone who followed the appalling story of a man killed simply because he wanted to share custody of his children knows that the evidence has always pointed to the brother of Markel’s ex-wife, but authorities only recently had sufficient proof of the conspiracy. Now a trial can proceed.

“That a pair of career criminals would drive hundreds of miles to assassinate a law professor who just happens to be involved in a dispute with the employers of the gunman’s girlfriend? What random happenstance!”

The Dan Markel case gets more farcical by the minute.

A loving father who made the mistake of wanting equal access to his children in a divorce…

… got murdered in broad daylight for his troubles. The paid degenerates who did the deed will certainly be convicted (finally, after a five-year delay).

It’s equally important that the rich degenerates who paid the killers go to prison too. But that’s for after the state of Florida puts the paid degenerates away.

A Professor Gunned Down…

in Florida.

The 21-year-old FSU student she was with was also murdered.

Motive? Too early to say but here’s a guess: The student broke up with the killer, or wouldn’t date him …

So many murders. You’ve probably already forgotten about her colleague.

Know Hope

The Adelsons have consistently maintained their innocence, and they have not yet been charged with anything in connection with the [Dan] Markel murder. But that doesn’t mean they will never be charged; as prosecutor Georgia Cappleman pointedly noted last month, there’s no statute of limitations for murder.

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