Idiots who hire hitmen to target innocuous people in the middle of the day for cold-blooded killing never seem to anticipate…

… that the first question investigators will ask is Who would want this good and kind person to be dead?

People like the Adelson Three (mother, daughter, and brother look guiltier by the day) never seem to realize, as they plot their contract murder, that when a perfectly virtuous, perfectly harmless human being has his brains blown out one afternoon in his driveway, there are unlikely to be more than a few obvious people who will have wanted that to happen.

His sister described Dan Markel at a memorial service:

He was a serious guy, an academic, a professor, and yet he always knew his priority was his boys and he wasn’t afraid to let the entire world know it… As painful as these last weeks have been, my family and I find a measure of solace and comfort knowing that Danny lived and embraced life fully and in turn was embraced so warmly by all of you.

Poor Markel, professor of law at Florida State University, seems to have done nothing much wrong in his life (he was a devoted father, a popular teacher, and an extremely impressive scholar) outside of taking the terrible step of marrying a member of the Adelson family, and then offending her in some way so that they divorced. She did all she could to move far away and remove custody from Markel, but he fought to live with his children, and this seems to have been a step too far for that … peculiar clan.


After Markel bled to death alone in his car, his ex-wife “changed the children’s surnames from Markel to Adelson and removed her son’s middle name of Markel’s deceased grandmother.”

Again, one wonders what an otherwise intelligent (she was a law prof too) person is thinking when she honors the murdered father of her children in this way…

I mean, to begin with, Markel had loving and now rageful and mournful parents, and the whole series of events, starting with his poisonously vindictive wife, and then his slaughter, and then the systematic removal of any reference to their grandchildren’s father having existed, doesn’t seem to have sat well with them. Maybe they aren’t too surprised about the tons of circumstantial evidence that’s coming out (payments to the killers, incriminating phone records). Maybe it’s a good thing that they’re already arranging, with the prosecutor, a “plan for emergency placement [of Markel’s children] due to arrests” — i.e, it looks as though the Adelson Three are going to be out of commission for awhile…

What’s remarkable about Nullity Schools (as UD calls them)…

… [background here] is that even their professors are drunk obnoxious football fans.

Not all of the professors, of course! But this sort of story, about a University of Arkansas professor arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct at the school’s last football game, is less rare than you’d think, ‘specially down south and all.

Other schools wring their hands over the indifference of most faculty to the most important thing about their campus – their football team – but UA’s Hogs have no such worry. Football’s pretty much the only game in town at this Nullity School, and professors excitedly – over excitedly – fall into line, as – allegedly – did Professor L.Nalley, who teaches his students not only about the sweet potato, but about how to conduct yourself in the stadium when the Hogs are getting roasted.

Shortly after No. 16 Arkansas’s 49-30 loss to No. 1 Alabama was official Saturday night, a fan decided to make his displeasure with head coach Bret Bielema known — allegedly opting for shouting the simple and direct, “If I had your record, I’d be fucking fired. Fuck you.”

He’s out of jail and awaiting his UA punishment.

What do you think?

Professor of the Year?

UD thanks Dave.

Significantly Closer to Justice for Dan Markel…

… a Florida State University law professor allegedly killed by the brother and mother of his ex-wife, as one of the conspirators in the murder pleads guilty and cooperates with the police.

As with many murder cases, UD finds equally amazing the depravity and the stupidity. As in: The first question police will ask is Who would want this innocuous upstanding professor dead?

UD thanks Wendy.

The sordid Dan Markel murder case…

proceeds, with increasing evidence of what most observers must have suspected from the moment Markel’s former brother-in-law was linked to the murderers.

Markel was a law professor at Florida State University who had the misfortune – according to the police – to have married into a sketchy and vindictive family. Prosecutors don’t think there’s enough evidence to arrest the brother-in-law, but UD assumes it’s only a matter of time before the guy is hauled in.

Ave Atque Pinsky

UD will miss Drew Pinsky, the tv pharmawhore who during the course of hawking Wellbutrin announced that women on that antidepressant shouldn’t be surprised to rumble their way through sixty orgasms in a row.

But there’s coming, and there’s going. Pinsky has just been removed from the airways for sharing his terrible anxiety about Hillary Clinton’s rampant brain disease.


Yet – to quote Tennyson – though much is taken, much abides. Whenever UD feels herself dropping below her current average (55), she can still visit Pinsky, for a little topping up, at the University of Southern California medical school, which knows an eminent diagnostician when it sees one.

Leaving for New Post: Chief Advisor, Women’s Issues, Trump Administration

Ken Starr to Leave Baylor Law School Post


This latest news allows me to update Trump administration appointments/personnel:

Chief Advisor, Women’s Issues: KENNETH STARR
Fitness Czar: RYAN LOCHTE
Czarina: HOPE SOLO
Office of Ethics: ISHMAEL ZAMORA
Health and Welfare: MIKE LEACH

PrecariCorps is an Organization that Helps Adjuncts …


… with “Hardship Relief and Grants
for Faculty Development

A worthy place to donate, thinks UD.

Hoyle’s Phallus

Professor Hoyle, late of the University of Canberra, seems to have liked to rape his students. His alleged M.O. was to call them into his office and tell them they were in big trouble for downloading porn and/or plagiarizing, but they could make that all go away if they fucked him.

UD was interviewed yesterday…

… by a reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Subject: Mental health problems among university professors. Of course she’ll link you to whatever article arises from it.

Elitist Snob, Loser, So-Called “Professor,” Just…

jealous of Donald Trump’s success.

A Break in the Dan Markel Case

UD thanks Wendy for alerting her to new evidence that Markel’s ex-wife’s brother may have been behind his contract killing.

Investigators believe the killing of Dan Markel stemmed from the “desperate desire” by his ex-wife Wendi Adelson’s family to relocate her, taking the couple’s children to South Florida.

Investigators also believe that Wendi Adelson’s brother, Charles Adelson, was “personally involved” with the girlfriend of Sigfredo Garcia around the time of the murder.

“[T]he norm in such cases is for the attacker to be male, for the attacks to happen on campus, and for the source of the students’ anger to go well beyond a grade (although that may be a spark).”

In the aftermath of the UCLA shooting, Scott Jaschik reviews what we know about the origins and characteristics of such events. Which isn’t much. Fields like engineering, math, and biology do seem to produce most of the attacks, but nursing professors and comp lit professors have also in recent years been murdered by disgruntled students.

I think that “spark” idea gets us somewhere. My own review of these attacks conjures, pretty consistently, a paranoid loser smoldering with rage.

Et alors? All professors who teach long enough encounter students whose behavior unsettles them. Maybe frightens them. (Professors lucky enough to teach on gun-friendly campuses get to worry that these unbalanced individuals may be packing heat.) Behind the vague word assessment lies the hard reality that most of us will never actually report a student, that we expect university settings to be about intensity and struggle and not giving up on people. Several of these killings came after a perpetual grad student was finally dropped from a program. University settings tolerate the sort of bizarre behavior that corporations would boot out the door in minutes.

For what it’s worth – killers in university settings (I’m thinking of professors who kill professors too, like the notorious Amy Bishop) aren’t just paranoid, from what I can tell. They are often strikingly grandiose, arrogant people. They kill those who refuse to acknowledge their superiority. They are solving a problem: They are ridding the world of people whose existence threatens their god-like self-perception. Professors who give middling or failing grades to shaky people who consider themselves transcendent geniuses would be at risk.


The gunman has been identified.

[William] Klug was an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and had been the target of [Mainak] Sarkar’s anger on social media for months. On March 10, Sarkar called the professor a “very sick person” who should not be trusted.

“William Klug, UCLA professor is not the kind of person when you think of a professor. He is a very sick person. I urge every new student coming to UCLA to stay away from this guy,” Sarkar wrote. “He made me really sick. Your enemy is my enemy. But your friend can do a lot more harm. Be careful about whom you trust.”

A source called the gunman’s accusations “absolutely untrue.”

“The idea that somebody took his ideas is absolutely psychotic,” the source said.


… Sarkar has been studying for his PhD since 2006 with no graduating date, two years longer than any of the other researchers.


The killer had a list of targets and killed one of them – a woman who lived in his Minnesota town – before driving to LA and killing Krug.


The woman was his ex-wife.

The seemingly insoluble murder of Florida State University law professor…

… Daniel Markel may be on the way to a solution. A career criminal has been arrested, which leads one to wonder whether this was a murder for hire.

Background here.


The 2014 faculty recipient of the Chatfield College prize that goes to the instructor who most “exemplifies the academic spirit and values” of the college not only looks like this (which is fine; remember the Prof or Hobo? quiz), but just got arrested with molto drugs and guns.


No. Not awkward. Maybe it’s just marijuana for individual use.

But he does seem to be selling large quantities of it…

Are the guns awkward?

No. Not awkward. He’s in a dicey line of work and needs protection and they’re probably all legal. This is America.

Real-life, or Nabokov?

[Professor] Tom Ferguson met [Professor Lloyd] Shapley … through their mutual interest in Kriegsspiel, a variation of chess where a player only sees his or her pieces on the board, but not an opponent’s. Acting as a referee, a third person provides information about the legality of each move as the game progresses.

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