As long as people like Annabelle Jenkins are willing to live in Idaho, all is not lost.

But now that she’s done with high school she’s probably hoofing it out of there for a respectable college.

L’Essence d’Idaho

The whole je ne sais quoi of Idaho finds espression in Michael Neil, proud son of the Gem State. After a passerby witnessed Neil accidently shoot himself inside his car, she called 911. Neil, carrying multiple felonies for, among other things, beating up nurses during a recent hospital stay, lied to police… Something about a man “in a red hat” who shot at him…

Legally unable to possess guns, Neil was found to be carrying in his car (who knows what weaponry he keeps at home):

Ruger 9mm handgun

Sig Sauer 10mm

(‘The Ruger had been reported stolen in Idaho Falls in 2021, while the Sig Sauer was reported stolen in Rexburg earlier in 2023, according to the affidavit.’)

“Ghost gun” replica of a Glock, no serial number

Precision X15 AR-15 style rifle

Remington 12-gauge shotgun


The real magic of Idaho is in the mugshot, where the freest state in the union shows you what it looks like when the police let you dress any way you want for the camera!

Yes, yes, there should be gaping holes in the fabric. But this isn’t Hollywood, man. It’s real.

Real Idaho.

Idaho: The Femicide State

[Idaho’s total abortion restrictions have] sent physicians fleeing the state for fear of jail time and losing their medical licenses and contributed to Sandpoint’s Bonner General Hospital closing its labor and delivery ward to leave 50,000 people in the region without obstetrical care… [One politician,] an abortion abolitionist, … believes the procedure should be treated as murder and punished with jail time or even the death penalty. [This state senator] tried to remove the rape and incest exception from the state’s total abortion ban, calling rape “an opportunity to have a child.”

Idaho. Beyond words.

“If I don’t act fast enough to save your life, prevent you from getting septic, I could be liable for civil cases … malpractice. But if I act too quickly and I’m not 100% certain that the patient is going to die from the complication she’s sustaining, then I could be guilty of a felony.”

… [Idaho] allows certain family members of a patient to sue providers who perform an abortion for at least $20,000 if the procedure breaks the abortion law.

Doctors in those cases also face suspension of their medical license, felony charges and even prison time.

Beyond that, Idaho’s governor also signed a law that says anyone helping a minor travel out of state to terminate a pregnancy – without parental consent – is guilty of a crime.

… [F]ive of the nine remaining full-time maternal-fetal medicine physicians in the state will have left by the end of this year.

… Jim Souza, the chief physician executive at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Boise, told CNN: “We’re at the beginning of the collapse of an entire system of care.”

… And because there are no ob-gyn residencies in Idaho, finding doctors willing to relocate given the abortion laws on the books is a real challenge.


But God never closes a door without opening a window! Idaho will soon be America’s ground zero for diploma mill grads! Recent graduates of the Lake Natron School of Medicine will flock to the state, where desperate hospitals will snap them up. And all will be well.

’75 of 117 Idaho OB-GYNs recently surveyed by the Idaho Coalition for Safe Reproductive Health Care said they were considering leaving the state. Of those, nearly 100% — 73 of 75 — cited Idaho’s restrictive abortion laws.’

 It’s happening in all the let ’em die states:

[W]omen’s health specialists from states where abortion is criminalized are beginning to relocate to places like Washington state, which has strong abortion rights laws.

 “[W]e are legally unable now,” explains an exiting Idaho doc, “to prevent harm to patients.”

Another: “This isn’t a safe place to practice medicine anymore.”

Not safe. Which has UD thinking along the following lines: With the removal of virtually all gun laws in some of these same states, we begin to see emerging what I guess these states have always wanted: The return of frontier life. Ain’t got no docs out here. Don’t need no docs. You’re on your own.

These same states tend to be, you know, also our big anti-vax states, our big anti-science states (schools should teach creationism, not evolution), our big anti-gay and (Idaho certainly!) our big anti-Jew/anti-black states, our big secession states… Obviously these attitudes aren’t out there everywhere in all of these places, but you can just see many maternal-death-before-abortion legislatures determined to rid their states of anything at all, say, associated with the Enlightenment.

It’s really queer, if I can transfer that term from gay provenance to, uh, the provinces. Radically queer.

UD’s crime speculation is usually wrong; but let’s go ahead and consider the ghastly University of Idaho knifings.

One of the country’s safest locations suffers a mysterious bloody mass killing of four college students in their shared off campus house. Quite a few days later, with the community so afraid that many students are fleeing the school, the local police have still released extremely little information. What we do now know (assuming the information they’ve allowed out is correct) is hard to make sense of.

We are told that in the wee hours of the morning, with two other students asleep (?) in the house through the entire insanely violent attack, four students were knifed to death with an enormous “Rambo-style” knife. Only hours later the next day did someone call 911. Huh?

On the face of it, this is nuts. How can we possibly make sense of it? How can the surviving students not have awakened; how can they have waited hours (assuming they made the 911 call) to report the massacre? Did the killer tell them he’d come back and kill them too if they told anyone anything?

Okay, let’s assume sheer paralyzing terror plus drunk out of their minds? I mean, I’m digging deep here to find a mental condition that would allow them to be passed out through the thing, or motionless for a long time (who knows when the attacker(s) left?) in an attempt to save themselves. Could their paralytic terror have lasted into the next afternoon? No use of their cell phones? Why did neither of them, assuming a window anywhere near, hurl themself out of a window and run?

The killings were “targeted,” we’re told; which stands to reason. This sort of homicide is, as they say, personal. Robbery makes zero sense. At the same time, the word “grudge” seems absurdly inadequate.

Let’s say the killer wanted to kill only one of the four, but the others tried to defend him/her. Okay.

But then the question is how did one person with a knife (was there more than one?) overpower and destroy three other able bodied people? You would expect one or two to escape, screaming their lungs out and alerting the neighborhood. If the killer controlled the students by tying them up, why aren’t we being told they were tied up? UD understands that police withhold information for perfectly good reasons during the course of an investigation, but this seems strange nonetheless.

One way to go is to imagine that one or both of the surviving students did all this. They controlled the situation by quietly, methodically moving from room to room, taking on one student (or maybe two) at a time. But we know from the coroner’s report (she’s being very uncommunicative, but I think this is confirmed information) that bruises indicate one of the students fought like hell.

Since this sounds rather unpremeditated (rather, because the killer might have planned it for a very short time – let’s say hours), and viciously impassioned, I’m going to assume an abundance of forensic material. The killer, for instance, must also have bled somewhat, and must have (have had; he’s had plenty of time to shower) blood all over himself, bloody clothes, etc. Blood spatter must also be on walls and other surfaces. If there were sexual assaults, that might be another source of leads.


Here’s one possibility.

All of the murdered students spent the night on the town – parties, bars, other social spots. During the course of this activity, one or two of the four got into a drunken nasty encounter with some random but dangerous/crazy other drunk person. Did some guy hit on a girlfriend and did that provoke one of the Idaho students? Something like that.

Let’s say the guy’s a member of one of Idaho’s many biker gangs. No sissy university student’s gonna humiliate him in front of his friends, he thinks, fingering the Rambo 9410 in his pocket… He follows them home and waits outside until they’re asleep.

‘Multiple Students are Dead from Virginia and Idaho University Campuses’

UVa remains sheltered in place; a football recruit killed three and injured two. UD will go ahead and guess that this was some sort of weekend party/drunken fight that got crazy, but it’s of course too soon to know much.

[Update: The shooting took place in an on-campus parking garage, so the motive might have been a dispute between drivers. Road rage…?]

The Idaho details suggest the shooter (if this was about shooting; it certainly sounds like it, though a different weapon might have been used) is dead at the scene. (The Virginia killer is at large and since he’s heavily armed, with his photo in every paper, and everyone in the world is looking for him, UD’s gonna guess he’ll kill himself.) This one sounds more personal – a nutty vindictive ex-lover? – but we’ll see. Someone reported seeing an unconscious person and called the police, which maybe means at least one of the bodies was outside the off-campus house. Trying to flee? Or the body of the killer?

Both events could be as simple as someone turned away from a party, pissed about it, and returning with one of his big ol’ guns.

My blog post title comes from NPR‘s coverage. It’s America, so we have to bundle these stories.


UPDATE: He killed this UVa football player.

UPDATE: He also killed Lavel Davis, Jr., another player.

UPDATE: The third person killed, Devin Chandler, was also a football player.


Virginia shooter is in custody. Could his motive have been resentment? He’s apparently never been an active player; he killed three active players.

Sounds as though some sort of fight broke out, or words were exchanged, on a bus returning to campus from a class field trip to DC to see a play.


Timed to coincide with the president’s American Fascists speech, gun-toting cultists just showed up en masse at an Idaho public library demanding hundreds of books be removed or they’ll blow everyone’s brains out In Jesus’ Name Amen. The head of the library has already quit and run away, not wanting her brains blown out. “They start showing up at your house with guns on their hips and Bible tracts in their hands.”

Driving While Idahoan

Take a gander. And she’s the lieutenant governor.

Now what worries me about Janice is not that she’s ’bout as close to a card-carrying fascist as I reckon you can get. You get to be what you want to be in this country. Go for it, babe.

UD‘s concerned about driver safety out there. What is the lieutenant governor modeling in this picture? She’s got a huge
American flag obscuring one of her van windows. Looks like she’s doing hands-free driving, what with her right hand holding a gun and her left holding a Bible.

Is she wearing a seat belt? I’m gonna bet Janice considers seat belts, like masks during a pandemic, or the concept of protected federal land, an abomination straight outta hell. So YEEHAH here’s Janice bombin down I 86 to Pocatello juggling guns, Bibles, and flags and lord knows what else (Confederate flag, blood drop cross, apple pie…), and I’m thinking she’s just askin’ for a taskin’.


UPDATE: Janice drops a few more rungs on the mental illness ladder.

Idaho! Come for the neo-Nazis…

… stay for the anti-vaxxers!

‘The announced [Idaho State University] crowd of 5,062 on Friday against Western State Colorado marked the third consecutive decline in home attendance for a Bengals football home opener. Many fans followed the suggested whiteout protocol, but over half of Holt Arena’s multicolored seats were vacant, giving the crowd the look of a half-bleached laundry load.’

Comment from ISU’s interim AD:

“Our community has demonstrated that they love their Bengal athletics. There’s just no question. I can see that from a mile away …”

Idaho has no medical school…

… and very few doctors. This fact, reported by the Spokesman-Review, inspires some speculation in the comment thread – as to why.

Even if we build a medical school, why would those doctors want to stay in Idaho? We won’t adequately fund K-12 or college education for those doctors’ children, we won’t provide the kind of social services they can find in other states, and we’ve got religious and political zealots running the state government. What “cream of the crop” doctor would want to run a practice in Idaho?


You know, you’re right. In fact, I’m surprised ANYONE can stand living in Idaho, when it’s full of inbred, toothless fascists running around, burning books, stealing from the poor and looting the environment so the entire state looks like a barren moonscape. This really is the worst place on Earth. If Obama only accomplishes one more thing during his term, maybe he could revoke Idaho’s statehood.


Doctors move to cities for the economics and the lifestyle. Given the choice of 9-5 in a burb treating nice people vs pulling buckshot out of an Aryan’s bum at midnight, which would you choose?


Buckshot out of an Aryan’s bum at midnight. There’s poetry in that.


The University of Idaho is paying a Minnesota consultant who spends less than two weeks a month on the Moscow campus $112,500 to serve as its “chief inspiration officer,” according to public records.

This one takes UD‘s breath away. Read the whole thing.

The only precedent she can find is from her favorite university, Southern Illinois Carbondale. Remember?


Update: Chronicle of Wasted Time. And Money. DO NOT READ if you are currently on any form of depression medication.


Update: Google Image, Chief Inspiration Officer.



‘The Guardian contacted Scott Yenor with a detailed request for comment on this story. [Almost all] of the reply was personal abuse.’

Idaho is mainly in the news lately for the collapse of its statewide ob/gyn facilities; but the Western Theocratic Territory commands attention for many other reasons. Heerespfarrer Yenor, for instance, inspires that state’s Christian nationalists from his academic appointment at Boise State, an actual university (though largely a jockshop), and this startles the Guardian newspaper.

I mean, the Guardian‘s startled that a respectable academic institition lends its reputation to a man whose howls about liberty, women, free thought, and other abominations I will not share here because obscenity laws forbid it.

Nobody’s startled by the bad boys hiding out in the brush outside of Boise, but, well, a professor.

Of course there are no surprises here. But it’s useful to get empirical confirmation.

Gun laws and regulations are among the most impactful policy factors [in college choice], with 80 percent of students saying these are at least somewhat important in their college choices, and 84 percent of those said they prefer campuses that restrict firearms… Reproductive healthcare policies are [also] a significant consideration, with 71 percent of students citing its importance to their college choice. Of this group, eight in 10 prefer states with fewer restrictions on reproductive healthcare. 

It’ll be interesting to watch enrollment trends in, for instance, Idaho, with utterly unrestricted gun laws and utterly restricted abortion laws. Ob/gyns are fleeing the state as fast as their specula can carry them. Let’s see how many female applicants find that attractive.

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